MyCuris® Explained

What is MyCuris®?

MyCuris® is a membership based program that encourages and supports members to manage their health. The program provides members access to proven healthcare and support resources to facilitate informed decision making in managing their health status, identify and select possible treatment options or deal with an emergency when traveling abroad.


Curis Medical Concierge is not travel or medical insurance, rather it is a complementary provider of concierge services with access to quality resources necessary to manage health. Through MyCuris® program members will receive services and tools seeking to better manage their health and live life well.


MyCuris® benefits included can be categorized in the 3 main areas:

Upon enrollment you will be assigned a personal assistant that on request will guide through a premier network of local and international medical specialists, identifying suitable medical centers of expertise sparing you the trouble of worrying about any matter other than your well-being.


Global Emergency Services are offered in collaboration with Assist America when members are traveling abroad. Founded in 1990 is the largest provider of global emergency medical services in the US. Members enjoy complete peace of mind, freed from dealing with complex decisions and financial considerations during difficult times, and secure in knowing that a single phone call to Assist America will put a vast network of resources in motion on behalf of any medical travel emergency. And, if appropriate medical care is not available locally, we will transport a patient, by air ambulance if necessary, to the nearest facility that meets our rigorous standards.


MyCuris® services can be accessed through a 24/7, 365-day-a-year help desk staffed by experienced and knowledgeable assistance professionals.