Curis Medical Concierge

Curis Network is an international ecosystem of integrated healthcare operations, promoting Excellence in Healthcare. Operating in Europe and the US, offering innovative services aim to advance and optimize delivery of healthcare and ensure community welfare.


Curis Network was founded in Europe in 2010 partnering with industry leaders, the company is dedicated providing optimal healthcare and promoting wellness working towards offering the best solutions for outstanding outcomes.

Curis Network constantly strives to maintain high standards, maintaining a leadership position as a premier and diverse healthcare group, acclaimed for its innovation, transparency and positive contribution to people’ lives. To accomplish our goals, we restructure and consolidate existing resources, developing branded centers of medical excellence to support local and international clients.


Curis Medical Concierge, an integral part of our ecosystem that brings together  medical, paramedical and healthcare support professionals aiming to personalize services tailored to your needs.


Derived from French, the word “Concierge” translates to keeper of the key or house guardian. At Curis Network, medical concierge means assistance and support for any healthcare need, with no exemptions (pre-existing or age criteria) anywhere in the world. Our service is provided throughout Cyprus and can be an international traveling medical companion.


The need for a concierge service derived from faster pace of life, the rise in chronic conditions, the increased access to information by patients and the patients right to lead the decision making in the delivery of care. With access to internet the patient can be overloaded with information, some of which may not be from credible sources.