MyCuris Benefits Program

MyCuris® is a membership based program provides members access to proven healthcare and support resources to facilitate informed decision making in managing their health status, identify and select possible treatment options or deal with an emergency when traveling abroad.

Second Medical Opinion

Accurate medical evaluations are highly important for the treatment of conditions. When in doubt do not jeopardize your health, maximize your chances for immediate and successful action requesting a Second Medical Opinion by our team of reputable medical specialists.

Patient Facilitation

When in need of specialized medical care, our team of professionals will liaise with relevant medical experts. We cater to your specific needs by connecting with reputable medical specialists, hospitals, scientific laboratories globally.

Global Emergency Service

Finding yourself in an unfamiliar country on a medical trip can be quite intimidating. We relieve our clients off the stress of coping with trivial matters. Your traveling plans from your airplane tickets to your post-operative procedures are arranged by us.






Provident Fund

For Groups

We accept patients and clients as groups to utilize and benefit from our services. Our professionals ensure that our quality of service benefits every single member of the group

For Individuals

Like many of our clients, you can become a member to our services as an individual. We ensure that our services benefit you to its peak and your health to the maximum


When traveling abroad, you can still use our medical services through our worldwide partners. We have selected these partners carefully to ensure the best quality for you

Curis Benefits

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Our 24/7 Help Desk Services delivers immediate online support for everything related to healthcare. Get in touch with us

Tele-consultation advances the physician-patient relationship to the 21st century

When having a chronic condition, home nursing provides care for you at the comfort of your own home

Immediate and safe transport to the nearest medical facilities can often be crucial in times of crisis

Our qualified healthcare professionals can help you through life’s major health transitions

Curis Network and e-medical records platform, an online storage database of digital medical records

Our Packages

Let Us Provide You With The Best Services Known To This Market

  • Gold

  • 18/Year
    • Concierge Services
    • Access to 24/7 Call Center
    • Global Emergency Services

  • VIP

  • 28/Year
    • All of Gold options
    • Unlimited Second Medical Opinion

  • Premier

  • 65/Year
    • All of VIP options
    • Mini Check up
    • Home Nursing
    • % to health services

  • Visiting Cyprus

  • 12/Visit
    • Access to 24/7 call center
    • Concierge Services while in Cyprus
    • Healthcare Support

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